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Jive Developer Blog

Ryan Rutan

JIVETalks: Developer in Developers Blog

HEX_TilesStreams_MED.pngTake a moment to hear from the those that have been on the bleeding and and can say, "been there, done that!" You'll get first hand knowledge of what it takes to build integrations in the Jive Platform. This session will highlight our partners, Patrick Li (AppFusions), Subbu Natarajan (Accenture), and Nils Heuer (Pokeshot) who are making use of Jive's new purposeful places to deliver powerful solutions that drive real results.


If you are interested in learning about the latest integrations with Jive and our partners, then this presentation is for you!


JIVETalks: Developer - Video

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Ryan Rutan

Don't Alt-Tab Your Life Away: Bring Business Apps Into Your Social Experience at the Right Place at the Right Time! in Developers Blog

HEX_REST_Web_Apps_MED.pngBy integrating into Jive, companies are able to begin the consolidation of disparate experiences across different applications. This session will show how Jive's !App Experience can increase productivity by enabling "social transactions"--surfacing a relevant pieces of a system of record, within the social context, at the right time, and allowing the user to take action on it. Integrating social into the core work flow of what people are doing every day by delivering lightweight, loosely coupled integrations into the Activity Stream massively reduces the time and effort it takes to get work done. Both Creighton Medley and Marc Rudkowski will talk through how their companies are solving real world problems through application for the Jive platform.


These solutions were devised using the Jive App advancements in the Jive 6 platform released last year.  Check out even more awesome solutions that can be built using the latest technologies in Jive 7:  Integration Stories with Jive Anywhere, External Storage and Streams


Don't Alt-Tab Your Life Away: Bring Business Apps Into Your Social Experience at the Right Place at the Right Time! - Video

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Ryan Rutan

JiveWorld 2013 SaaS Talk in Developers Blog

HEX_Platform_MED.pngIn this session, Chris Lyon, David Cook and Justin Fitzhugh will show why Jive has the best and most secure SaaS platform in the world!  They'll talk about the overall architecture and roadmap, look at how we've built it and why what we built is so amazing.  Also they'll dive into details on how we have built a world-class security program and how we secure your Jive community better than anyone else in the world.


Other topics will include how we scale, compliance and platform roadmap for the next few years.  Don't miss this chance to see the details behind the SaaS curtain!


If you are in IT (or in a technical role) and considering a move to the cloud, this session is a must see!


JiveWorld 2013 SaaS Talk - Video

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Ryan Rutan

Integration Stories with Jive Anywhere, External Storage and Streams in Developers Blog

HEX_ESF_Cartridges_MED.pngThe forthcoming release of Jive provides a wealth of integration points for developers to use when building powerful integrations that change the way work gets done. We'll show a complete solution that integrates Google Drive, and native Google Docs that is scheduled for delivery later this year and uses only public APIs!


In this session, Sagi Eliyahu (Director, Engineering) and Austen Rustrum (Solutions Architect) will highlight the new External Storage and External Object interfaces, as well as the Jive Anywhere SDK. You'll see that building a solution like this is fun and easy so come and see how you can do it yourself!


Make no mistake.  This session is a MUST SEE if you are serious about deploying the latest Jive technologies throughout your enterprise, as this pattern can be applied to solve practically any system in your arsenal.  Let us know what you think in the comments below!


Integration Stories with Jive Anywhere, External Storage and Streams - Video

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Ryan Rutan

Integrations Your Way: Introducing the Jive-SDK! in Developers Blog

HEX_ESF_Tiles_REST_Cart_MED.pngIn this session, Aron Racho and Mark Weitzel will dig deeper into the new Purposeful Places framework and show how you can quickly build integrations for your systems. Our goal in creating the Jive platform is to make powerful integrations quick and easy to build. Our new SDK provides plenty of boilerplate examples for you to get started. We'll walk through the examples in the SDK (which is available in github) to build different types of Tiles, demonstrate how to us Jive Apps in conjunction with a purposeful place, and setup Web Hooks to receive important events from Jive.


If you are wanting to learn how to develop on the Jive Platform with the latest technologies, then this presentation is a must see!


Integrations Your Way: Introducing the Jive-SDK! - Video

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