static osapi.jive.corev3.comments

Static class for getting comments. Comments are created by calling createComment on a Document, Blog Post, Poll, or Comment. For example, see createComment for creating a comment on a Document.

Create a comment on a document

Here is an example of commenting on a document. You need to retrieve a document with documents.get, then call createComment on the returned object. This function returns a request object as usual.

 //Create a comment on a document
 var document = ...; //given document

 var commentJSON = {
     subject : "Comment created at " + new Date(),
     content : {
         type: "text/html",
         text: "<p>Comment created using the V3 API!</p>"

 var request = document.createComment(commentJSON);

 request.execute(function(data) {
     console.log("Comment created!", data);
Get a comment by URI

Here is an example of getting a comment from its URI with all fields returned. We assume you have a URI of a comment already. Notice that the "fields" value can be a comma-delimited list of fields to return, or the special values "@all" and "@summary". Here we use "@all" to get all fields.

 //Get a comment from its URI
 var commentURI = ...; //given URI

 var request = comments.get({
     "uri": commentURI,
     "fields": "@all"

 request.execute(function(data) {
     console.log("Comment retrieved!", data);


GET /comments/{uri}




Return a single comment by its URI.

uriStringtrueURI of the comment to get
fieldsStringfalseNames of the fields to be returned
  • Comment Representation of the requested comment