An ActivityObject is a generic object in an Activity Stream entry. ActivityObjects can have MediaLinks for the image field.


FieldTypeMode Description

The person (or other entity) that created or authored this object.


Natural language description of this object (may contain HTML markup).


Natural language, human readable, plain text name of this object. This value can be null in cases such as a status update or an idea.


Permanent and universally unique identifier for this object. For standard Jive objects (those for which the objectType field starts with "jive:"), this will be an IRI that resolves to the Jive Core API endpoint to retrieve this particular object.


Description of a resource providing a visual representation of this object, intended for human consumption.

objectTypeStringread-onlyThe type of this activity object. Standard Jive objects all have a prefix of jive:. Possible values include:
  • jive:comment - activity associated with a comment
  • jive:discussion - activity associated with a discussion
  • jive:file - activity associated with an uploaded file
  • jive:idea - activity associated with an idea
  • jive:message - activity associated with a message
  • jive:post - activity associated with a blog post
  • jive:update - activity associated with a status update
publishedISO 8601 Dateread-only

Date and time when this object was initially published.


Natural language summarization of this object, which may contain HTML markup.

updatedISO 8601 Dateread-only

Date and time at which a previously published object was modified.


URI identifying a resource that provides an HTML representation of the object.

→ Fields used by update and create operations
→ Fields used only by create operations
→ Fields not used by update or create operations