Entity to encapsulate the response to a BatchRequest. Data returned from a call the BatchService is a collection of these entities.

ResponseEntities come in three varieties:

  • Single Entity - The returned entity is available in the data field.
  • Expanded Results - This variety returned in response to an endpoint specified using a JSON path expression used to expand a collection of entities. The returned collection of BatchResponses is available in the result field.
  • Error - This variety returned when the endpoint call failed. Error information is available available in the error field.
  • For a more complete rendition of a batch response, see the BatchService page.


    FieldTypeMode Description

    The data returned by this call, if appropriate. If this BatchResponse contains an expanded results collection, the data field is not present.


    An object explaining what went wrong.


    The URI of endpoint used in this call. If this BatchResponse contains an expanded results collection, the href field is not present.


    The id of this response. The value of this field directly correlates to BatchItem.key. If this BatchResponse is part of an expanded results collection, the id field is not present.


    The collection of expanded results.


    The HTTP status code returned by this call.

    → Fields used by update and create operations
    → Fields used only by create operations
    → Fields not used by update or create operations