An External Stream Instance represents a configured External Stream Definition that has been attached to a Purposeful Place. It also contains configuration information returned by the configuration UI.

    "displayName":"External Stream",
    "config": {
        //External stream definition JSON


FieldTypeMode Description
columnIntegeroptionalThe column in which this instance is going to appear in the parent.
configObjectoptionalConfiguration of this instance in JSON format. JSON format depends on the needs of each instance. When creating or updating this instance, it is possible to include an extra field forceResendRegistration of type boolean that indicates whether a registration notification should be sent to the external system or not.
definitionExternalStreamDefinitionrequiredThe definition type this External Stream Instance belongs to.

Display name of the External Stream Instance

externalIdStringoptionalAn external identifier assigned to this instance. This identifier can be used to access this instance instead of it's id.

Identifier (unique within an object type and Jive instance) of this object. This field is internal to Jive.

lastActivityPostISO 8601 Dateread-onlyDate and time of the last time activity was created for this External Stream Instance.
Since: 3.11
lastRegisterISO 8601 Dateread-onlyDate and time of the last time a registered notification was sent to the external system that is integrating with Jive.

URI of the parent place of this instance.

publishedISO 8601 Dateread-only

Date and time this object was originally created.

publishErrorPublishErrorread-onlyInformation about the error that happened while publishing data or activity into this tile. If no error happened in the last publish activity then this field is not going to be present.

Will be present only for community admins.

Since: 3.11

Resource links (and related permissions for the requesting person) relevant to this object.

stateStringoptionalState of this instance. Possible values are:
  • STAGED - Not configured yet. Default value.
  • VISIBLE - Configured and ready to be used
statusObjectread-onlyStatus of this instance when activity was published in JSON format.
updatedISO 8601 Dateread-only

Date and time this object was most recently updated.


Whether the current user is following this object.


Will be present only for object types that support being followed.

→ Fields used by update and create operations
→ Fields used only by create operations
→ Fields not used by update or create operations



Retrieves private properties for this TileInstance


Updates private properties for this TileInstance


Return an updated version of this external stream instance.