A SubscriptionEntity represents a set of users or groups and a set of places to which those users should follow in an activity stream. SubscriptionEntities are always contained within the "subscribers" attribute of a Publication. When subscriptions are updated, the SubscriptionEntity should include the id to avoid unnecessarily deleting and recreating Subscription objects; however, this has no actual effect on the streams generated from the publication definition.


FieldTypeMode Description

An array of URIs for the places that this subscription references.


Identifier (unique within an object type and Jive instance) of this object. This field is internal to Jive and should not be confused with contentID or placeID used in URIs.


Name of this subscription. This is automatically generated based on the names of the subscribers.

publishedISO 8601 Dateread-only

Date and time this subscription was originally created.


Resource links (and related permissions for the requesting person) relevant to this object.


Subscriber count of this subscription. This is the cardinality of the deduplicated set of all users in all subscribers for this publication.


An array of URIs for the users and security groups that this subscription references.


The object type of this object ("subscription").

updatedISO 8601 Dateread-only

Date and time this subscription configuration was most recently updated.

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