Entity representing the REST endpoint to invoke.


FieldTypeMode Description

The URL to request, or a JSON path expression that references the URL from a prior result.

A JSON path expression is in one of the following forms:

  • ${key:$} - Used when referencing a single entity.
  • ${key:$.list[*]} - Used to expand multiple entities when the key references a collection.


  • key is a BatchItem.key that returns a single entity or collection of entities.
  • is a JSON path expression the resolves to a URI in the previously returned entity or collection of entities.

For an example of JSON path expressions, see the BatchService page.


The HTTP method, or "verb" to execute on the specified endpoint. Supported verbs are:

  • GET
  • PUT
  • POST
  • → Fields used by update and create operations
    → Fields used only by create operations
    → Fields not used by update or create operations