Representation of the rights granted to a single content or place object with respect to a single user in Jive.

Example JSON

JSON example of a typical entitlements entity

   "contentTypes" : [ "document", "discussion", "task" ],
   "entitlements" : [ "edit", "view", "delete", "admin" ],
   "objectType" : "project",
   "parent" : "http://jive.jiveon.com/api/core/v3/places/1234",
   "type" : "entitlement"
Since: 3.6


FieldTypeMode Description
contentTypesString[]read-onlyAn array of types that the user may create in the entitled place. This field only applies to place entitlements and is never present on entitlements for content objects.
entitlementsString[]read-onlyAn array of verbs, each representing a action the user can perform on the entitled object.
objectTypeStringread-onlyThe type of the entitled object.
parentStringread-onlyThe URI of the parent place of the entitled object.

The object type of this object ("entitlement").

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