AddOn Service

Webservice endpoint for the administration of add-ons on the Jive instance.

Since: 3.10

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Get Add On

GET /addOns/{addOnUUID}

Return the specified add-on with the specified fields. If the addon is not installed, the service will return 404.

This service only accepts oAuth authentication. Assuming that the oAuth token used to access this service was acquired through 2-legged oAuth, this service will validate that the consumer of the oAuth token can access the specified add-on.

Path Parameters:
addOnUUIDStringtrueUUID of the addon
Query Parameters:
fieldsStringfalsefields of the addon to be returned
  • entity AddOn describing the specified addon
  • Return Status:
    HTTP Status CodeDescription
    400 (Bad Request)An input field is malformed
    403 (Forbidden)You are not allowed to perform this operation
    404 (Not Found)The jive instance has no record of the add-on.