An InboxEntry is an activity in a person's Inbox. The field denotes whether or not this entry has been read. An example JSON representation looks like this:

Example JSON:
    "title":"some document",
    "content":"<a href=\"\">Administrator</a> created <a href=\"\">some document</a>",
       "displayName":"some document",
       "summary":"Expense report for December 2012",

Note that, although Inbox Entries look like activities, there is no direct way to create them through Activity Stream related APIs. Instead, the entries are created as a side effect of creating a Share or DirectMessage that includes the recipient, or being @mentioned in a content object.

Mark inbox entries as read or unread

To mark an inbox entry as read, perform a POST with an empty body to the jive.update field. Similarly, to mark as unread, perform a DELETE to the jive.update field. For activity that shows up under "Acclaim", the jive.collectionRead and jive.updateCollection fields will be present. To mark Acclaim as read or unread, perform a POST or DELETE to jive.updateCollection. Note that these fields are only present for activity related to acclaim, e.g. activity generated by another user liking your content with a verb field of jive:liked.


FieldTypeMode Description

The person (or other object) that created this activity.


Text (or possibly HTML) content describing this activity.


The application used to generate this activity.


An icon associated with this activity.


Internal identifier for this activity.


Jive extensions to the standard Activity Streams format.


The object that was affected by this activity.


OpenSocial extensions to the standard Activity Streams format.


An icon associated with this activity.


The service instance at which this activity was generated.

publishedISO 8601 Dateread-only

The date and time at which this activity was generated.


The object representing the "context" or "target" of this activity.


The title of this activity.

typeStringread-onlyThe object type ("activity").
updatedISO 8601 Dateread-only

The date and time at which this activity was most recently updated.


A URL pointing at more detailed information related to this activity.

verbStringoptionalThe verb describing the category of activity that took place. Verbs for Jive standard actions are prefixed with jive: and are for internal use by Jive. Possible values include:
  • jive:applied - used when content is shared, tagged, and for other general purpose activity
  • jive:commented - added a comment
  • jive:correct_answer_set - answer marked as correct answer
  • jive:created - created something
  • jive:helped - something marked as helpful
  • jive:liked - something was liked
  • jive:outcome_set - an outcome was applied
  • jive:replied - replied to a discussion
  • jive:voted - voted in a poll
→ Fields used by update and create operations
→ Fields used only by create operations
→ Fields not used by update or create operations