An Entity giving metadata about a Jive object, Jive Property, etc. The following metadata objects are supported:

  • Field - a field of a Jive object, including information such as the field's name, type, and availability.
  • Locale - a Locale that is supported by this Jive instance
  • Object - describes a Jive object in depth, including whether an object can be followed in an activity stream, availability, and a list of Field objects describing the object's fields.
  • Outcome - An entity representing an outcome. Outcomes are applied to the content objects.
  • OutcomeType - The metadata describing an outcome type, including the fields it includes.
  • Property - a Jive System Property. Jive Properties are configured by an administrator in the Admin Console.
  • Resource - a Jive object's resource, e.g. a description of the resource, the corresponding HTTP verb, and a URL to the REST endpoint.
  • TimeZone - a time zone supported by this Jive instance