Addresses is a type representing the physical addresses for a user. These show up in a Jive user's profile. The primary address for this person, if present, will be marked with a primary value of true.

An example JSON representation looks like this:

  [ {
  "value" : {
    "streetAddress" : "915 SW Stark St",
    "locality" : "Portland",
    "region" : "Oregon",
    "postalCode" : "97205",
    "country" : "USA"
  "jive_label" : "Address",
  "primary" : true
  } ]


Field Type Mode Description
jive_label String required

For primary addresses the value must be "Address". To learn the list of address fields available in a Jive instance do a GET to /metadata/objects/addresses. When using the Javascript API then execute metadata.getObjectMetadata("addresses").

value String required

A valid postal address. This is a JSON object where one or more of the following String fields must be specified: streetAddress, locality, region, postalCode or country.

type String optional

Possible values are home, other or work.

primary String read-only

True if this is the primary postal address.

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